Welcome to Gordon A. Bailey’s blog

Currently, I am writing various forms of fiction and critical essays.  Although my background and writing has been in the field of academic research and work, I now explore memoir, poetry, and the short story within a critical frame.

It has been stated that we have more reviews of books than before. Perhaps more importantly, we have fewer and fewer critics, of literature, and of society.  I see my essay work as an attempt to probe, jostle, and push, the orthodoxy that seems ‘pre-settled’ by the various forms of media. The celebritization of everything, the currency given to anything and everything that shocks, the positivization of everything however trivial in various media seems destined to eventually lead to the demise of intelligent culture. Fanaticism needs to be out and explored!

Current writings:

  • The Jagged Cup.  A mystery involving a green, bicycle riding private investigator dealing with environmental issues in and around Vancouver.   With levity and humour these provoke thought and provide information about a number of crucial environmental issues.
  • Short Stories from the Greek Islands, Always Cleavage to explorations of contemporary life in BC, The Bookstore, are being developed as a collection.
  • An essay, The Carpenter’s Triangle, exploring the idea of a more relational, thorough rendering of contemporary life – one that examines the dynamics of the positive, the negative, and the critical in order to observe, research, and act in more wholistic (not holistic – Mr. Gates) forms.

About Gordon A. Bailey

I was born in Montréal in 1946, raised in Minnesota and Saskatchewan and now live on Pender Island, BC. I taught Sociology at Capilano University in North Vancouver for eighteen years - commuting by ferry, transit and bicycle. My writing includes three books in sociology - on theory, on ideology, and an introductory text (still under construction). I intend to shift my writing focus to essays, articles and various forms of fiction.
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  1. kellyeye says:

    Cool looking blog Gordon!

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