The Prayer Book Cowboy

Tom Severn rides again in The Prayer Book Cowboy.  The eco-green detective has his own position on the Northern Gateway Pipeline and the Kinder Morgan refit.  Cycling against the grain has become a vocation!  Severn cycles inner Vancouver and the North Shore.  The ‘nodding donkey’ cycles in southern alberta while excavators and dump trucks pull bitumen from the Tar Sands in the north.  Somebody’s not paying attention or perhaps paying too much attention.  Kidnapping extortion, fanaticism!  Cover art design by Link Phillips ( Photo Credit :  Allan Bailey

Front cover


The Jagged Cup

The Jagged Cup, a mystery involving a green, bicycle riding private investigator dealing with environmental issues in and around Vancouver, B.C.  Independently published by Shoal’s Edge Press (2636 Shoal Rd. Pender Island, BC  V0N 2M2).   The graphics and design are by Link Phillips.  The isbn is 978-0-9879474-0-6

Cover of The Jagged Cup


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